SS 675 “Umbro-Laziale”
Realization of functional excerpt
between the junctions “Cinelli” and “Monte Romano Est”

Customer: ANAS SpA
Client: Donati Ircop/DemaConstructions Salc/ICS

The itinerary between the junction of Orte on the A1 motorway and the SS 1 “Aurelia”, of which the lot in question is part, is already realized up to the hamlet of Cinelli in the Municipality of Vetralla.
The extract referred to in this project is included between the junction of Monte Romano Est (located at km 16+000 of the SS1 bis) and the junction of Cinelli.
It has a longitudinal development of about 6.4 km with the main works of art consisting of 3 artificial galleries (for a total development of about 394 m) and 6
viaducts (for a total development of about 2×1326 m).
The executive project also provides for the construction of the junctions of Monte Romano Est and Cinelli and the restoration of secondary roads and farm roads interfered with the new infrastructure.
The main axis is designed according to the standards of a type B main suburban road pursuant to D.M. 5/ 11/2001 and has a platform of 22 m in total width.


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