GP ingegneria srl was founded in 1998 from the experience of previous companies operating since the 1970s, with the aim of developing transport infrastructure of European importance.


Since 1998 the company has consolidated professional relationships both with public institutions and with private companies operating in the design and construction management of large public and private infrastructure, with particular reference to transport and roads, and environmental design. The vast past and present professional activity has allowed the development and consolidation of an established technical structure to assist and support the production of designs for Italian Public Bodies and International Financing Institutions, such as the Commission of the European Community or the United Nations or the World Bank.


The operational structure is aimed at the aggregation of specific skills, so as to allow the offer of a wide range of technical performance in the various fields of engineering – from design to construction site engineering to information technology, developing pre-investment and feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, territorial and urban plans, preliminary, final, executive and construction projects, financial and management analyses, works management, assistance and site planning, security services.
For this reason, the company proposes, in an integrated way and with multidisciplinary skills, to administrations, public bodies, companies and in general to all civil engineering operators, to offer design and consulting services in the different areas of investment and programming.


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