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Aware of the importance of proposing and implementing a competitive model based on maximum quality and efficiency in terms of non-quality and social costs, Gestione Progetti Ingegneria has decided to maintain an effective integrated management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and PDR 125 standards.
Gestione Progetti Ingegneria, thanks to the development of an advanced organizational system, equipped with updated professional resources and cutting-edge means and equipment in the sector, is ready to face new challenges for the continuous improvement of its customers’ satisfaction.
In order to pursue its objectives, the Management has focused on employee training for the improvement and variety of services offered to the customer.
An integral part of the company policy are the following principles that the Management extends to all its collaborators, asking them to implement them in their everyday work:
1. the satisfaction of our customers as one of the fundamental objectives underlying daily commitment and professionalism of all the people who work in the company;
2. environmental protection as one of the criteria that contribute to the company decision-making process, not only to guarantee legislative compliance but for broader eco-sustainability of the company as a whole.
Driven by these principles that animate the daily life of our company, it is committed to:
• promoting the continuous improvement of its environmental, health, safety and social responsibility performance, in order to guarantee the prevention of pollution, accidents and illnesses workplaces and ensure respect for workers’ rights;
• inform and train all staff on the Integrated Management System and its application within the company so that everyone actively participates in achieving the improvement objectives;
• promote the continuous improvement of its performance in terms of quality of the products/services offered through the continuous training and specialization of its staff;
• guarantee the reliability of the techniques and technologies offered to its customers to meet their needs;
• train staff so that they are able to identify and reduce the impacts on the environment deriving from their activities, promoting a widespread sense of responsibility towards the environment at every level;
• design, build and manage its offices taking into account the legal requirements, the interactions with the various environmental sectors, with the workers and with the territorial context in order to keep under control and minimize the impacts on the environment and the risks for the workers;

• promote separate waste collection, recycling, energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources both towards its own employees and third parties;
• encourage, as far as possible, suppliers, subcontractors and collaborators to promote and invest in the adoption of socially responsible behaviour;
• periodically review this policy in order to guarantee its constant compliance and consistency with the nature, size and characteristics of the organisation’s environmental aspects, including changes to applicable legal and other requirements;
• comply with legal and other requirements applicable to the management of its environmental aspects.

The Gestione Progetti Ingegneria Department has always respected and promoted some fundamental principles that distinguish the way the Company operates in all its activities, inside and outside its structure.
Among these, a central role is attributed to the commitment to quality and company ethics: a philosophy that sees the key to success for sustainable development in the continuous improvement of company dynamics and attention to the needs of customers and workers .
The Occupational Health and Safety Policy fits into this perspective and, in particular, the decision to undertake the certification of the Safety Management System.
The Occupational Health and Safety Management System is developed in compliance with the ISO 45001 standard.
The Company undertakes to promote continuous improvement and, in particular, to disseminate its principles by pursuing the following general objectives in all activities:
• scrupulously comply with current legislation on health and safety at work, evaluating all risks to the safety and health of workers and adopting all prevention and protection measures deemed appropriate to guarantee the improvement of safety levels over time;
• promote safety and hygiene in the workplace;
• respect the personal characteristics of employees, creating a work environment in which everyone can express themselves to the maximum of their abilities;
• evaluate the company’s processes and activities in order to set innovation and improvement objectives in terms of safety, with a prevention perspective;
• encourage the choice of suppliers who operate according to the principles defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, committing them to maintain behaviors consistent with it;
• adopt an open and constructive attitude towards customers, public authorities and other interested parties.
The correct application of the Management System to each company sector is guaranteed by the managers of the different areas, through the involvement and participation of all Employees. Full sharing of the principles of safety and health at work is, in fact, essential for the strengthening of a culture oriented towards prevention and mutual respect, and for the maintenance and development of orderly and safe working conditions.
To this end, the Company prepares appropriate initiatives so that all personnel, as well as third parties who operate under the control of the organization, receive adequate information and training on what is established in the Management System and understand the implications regarding their own role in the Company and one’s behavior at work.
Finally, the Company undertakes to carry out checks, inspections and audits with the aim of identifying and preventing any situations of non-compliance with what is required by the Management System.
With a view to continuous improvement, the policy and application of the System are also subjected to periodic review to evaluate their correctness and effectiveness.
The Safety and Health at Work policy contains fundamental principles which inspire all the activities of the Gestione Progetti Ingegneria and all the Employees and collaborators in the exercise of their work functions, and is an integral part of the company’s management and operational choices.

Gestione Progetti Ingegneria intends to contribute, in the social sphere, to creating a culture free from prejudice by setting an example of ethics, fairness and transparency. The company is committed to promoting change as a widespread phenomenon, encouraged and managed through a set of related and diversified actions, which impact both inside and on the external network of the Company, to give a positive signal of inclusion to all , as well as to its own people. Development, selection and training processes that guarantee equal opportunities for participation and emergence of talent, beyond any diversity, female empowerment, positive work environments that can evolve into spaces of relationships and inclusion for all: these are some of the objectives of the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Gestione Progetti Ingegneria strategy that promotes an organizational culture in which human rights are respected and supported and in which any form of discrimination is absolutely not tolerated. In a period characterized by large and rapid transformations, and in which the social fabric is constantly changing and in search of a new normality, understanding, valuing and respecting all the differences, primarily gender, that characterize each person is essential for companies.
In light of the European and Italian context data and in line with its Diversity, Equality & Inclusion strategy, the company is committed to supporting gender equality through a plurality of actions consistent with the values ​​expressed in our policy.


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