SS 652 “Fondovalle Sangro”.
Construction between the stations GAMBERALE and CIVITALUPARELLA
Detailed executive draft

Customer: ANAS SpA
CLIENT: De Sanctis Group / Oberosler / Ircop

The project for the construction of the trunk road, between the station of Gamberale and the station of Civitaluparella, is the completion of the modernization of the SS 652 “Fondovalle Sangro”, from km 34 to km 42 (2 Lotto – 2 strong Extract – 2 stretch)through the municipalities of Gamberale, Pizzoferrato, Quadri and Borrello, in the province of Chieti.
Object of the contract is the realization of approximately 5,7 km of road axis, mainly in new center, with a section from the characteristics conforming to a secondary Extra-urban Road type C1, to a single carriageway and a lane for direction of march and docks.
The route develops on the left bank of the Sangro River and includes numerous works of art with peculiar characteristics and considerable technical complexity.
The main project consists of the San Sebastiano Natural Gallery, which extends from pk 1+302 to pk 3+767 for about 2.5 km with an average section of about 150 square meters.


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