SS 4 “Salaria”
Adaptation of the section Trisungo – Acquasanta terme
1 built Lot 2. Excerpt from km. 151 + 000 per km. 153 + 780
Detailed design

Customer: CARENA SpA
Client: ANAS General Management

The objectives of the project are the safety, the seismic adaptation of the works according to current legislation and interventions to restore the functionality of the works.
The three viaducts have a succession of decks in c.a.p. with a beam pattern resting on piles with pulvino with monk and double joint.
This scheme did not favor the adoption of seismic devices to be interposed between the scaffold and the substructures except with important and costly processes to be carried out in correspondence of the pulvins. In order to avoid this highly undesirable scenario, It was decided to entrust the dissipation of seismic energy to the substructures by providing steel cladding to increase the ductility of the section resistant to the marked with the possibility of formation of plastic hinges during the seismic event.


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