SS 318 of “Valfabbrica”.
Improvements from Km 16+224 to Km 19+354
Detailed executive draft

Customer: ANAS SpA
CLIENT: Donati SpA

The improvement is related to the SS 318 “Valfabbrica” from Km 16+224 to Km 19+354 and concerns the doubling of the road for the section of the SS 318 from Valfabbrica to Schifanoia, with particular reference to the Picchiarella tunnel ( length of 874 m) and the viaduct Tre Vescovi ( 129,5 m).
The second excerpt of the project provides for the doubling of the roadway with reference to the natural tunnel Casacastalda (of length equal to 1545 meters, which will be excavated in the complex formation of colored clays) and the viaduct Calvario 60 meters long.


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