ASR20 Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway (year:2009)

Detailed design for the upgrade of 11.1 km of double carriageway highway, five twin-tube tunnels (newly built or enlarged for a total length of 5389.98 m), divided as follows:

The peculiarity of the project is that the design of the five twin tubes partially interfers with the existing tunnels of the old alignment; only the "Campotenese" Tunnel is realised by newly bored twin tube, meanwhile "Ospedaletto" and "Cerreta" twin-tube Tunnels are design with one new bored tube and one enlargement of the existing tunnel each. "Cillarese" and "Colloreto" Tunnels are entirely design as enlargement of the existing tunnels.

As introduced above, the orizonthal and vertical alignment of the "Cerreta" Tunnel interfers with both the tubes of the old alignment: thus, the design foresees interventions, applied to the old tunnels, to consolidate the area in which the new tunnel is bored.

Moreover, the new alignment does not follow the old track, hence the project comprehends also the design of various viaducts with newly built decks and wider carriageways.

Lastly, vibration monitoring plan is included in the project, so as to control the vibration caused by rock demolition and ultimate tube covering.