Georgia - Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for E-60 Highway Section from Natakhtari to Rustavi (Tbilisi Bypass)
The E-60 highway connects the Black Sea coast to the Azerbaijan and Armenia borders, passes around Tbilisi. GPI has been awarded the design of the Tbilisi bypass, across a densely populated residential area and difficul geotechnical conditions.


National Road S.S.675 "Umbro - Laziale"
Detailed design for the completion of the National Road from Civitavecchia, passing through Orte, arriving to Terni. The project is considered a strategic infrastructure in order to improve the national road network.


Brenner Base Tunnel - Isarco River Underpass
The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) is a railway tunnel between Austria and Italy. GPIngegneria was awarded for the best proposal in detailed design and has been appointed for the construction design.


Tel Aviv metropolitan Mass Transit System (NTA) - The red line
Tender design of the Red Line - East segment, which includes a railway bypass, the management of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), the selection of construction equipment and the management of construction sequences and working site.


E78 Motorway "Grosseto - Fano"
Detailed design, construction design and shop drawings, assistance to Contractor for the construction of the 11.6 km major highway upgrade. Amount of works 160 MEuros.


A3 Motorway "Salerno - ReggioCalabria"
Tender design, detailed design, construction design and shop drawings, assistance to Contractor for the improvement and upgrading of the existing 5.4 km highway. Amount of works 55 MEuro.


Atac spa
New Piazzale Flaminio station for the railway line Roma-Viterbo and connections with the existing line: final and construction design and supervision.


National Road S.S.340 - Tremezzina Bypass
Geotechnic - geomechanic expertise, final design of structural elements of 6 tunnels: Comancina (L=2110.42m) Perlana 1 (L=580.55m) Perlana 2 (L=2795.00m) Bonzanico (L=105.71m) Tremezzina (L=2714.00m) Amount of works 370 MEuro.


Underground Railway Torino - Ceres
Technical proposal for the tender in the Rail link Torino - Ceres, which includes a railway link, new box station, upgrading of two existing stations and management of construction sequence.


Lecco, alternate route to National Road S.S. 639
technical offer in the tender phase, a preliminary design improved in many aspects concerning construction methods, emergency management and safety, monitoring and system.


National Road S.S.117 "Centrale Sicula"
North - South route (S. Stefano di Camastra - Gela, Italy) from km 32+000 to km 38+700.


A3 Motorway "Salerno - ReggioCalabria"
Detailed design for the upgrade of 11.1 km of double carriageway highway, 5 double bored tunnels (newly built or enlarged for a total length of 5389.98 m). Amount of works 747 MEuro.


S.S.38 highway - Morbegno by-pass
Detailed design for a new 7 km double carriageway highway. Design of bridges and viaducts. Valtellina viaduct has a length of 3.85 km. Amount of works 140 MEuro.


Passo Corese (industrial area)
Detailed design of eartworks, road network, drainage network, water supply, systems for the new industrial area of Passo Corese. 170 hectars, 45 lots. Amount of works 38 MEuro.


Djen Djen Highway
Preliminary design of a new link between the coastal area of Djen Djen harbour and the East-West motorway. Total length 100 km, 41 viaducts (max span 100 m), 8 double-bore tunnels. Amount of works 1.231 MEuro.


National Road S.S.372 Caianello - Benevento
Preliminary structural design of the upgrading and improvement of the existing structures from km 0+000 to km 60+900.


E45 highway "Orte - Cesena"
Preliminary design of the upgrade and improvement of the existing structures on the highway (160 viaducts and tunnels) on a segment 285 km long. Amount of works 747 MEuro.


S.S.182 National Road
Detailed design and assistance to construction of two new roads (total length 14.7 km) in southern Italy, including tunnels, viaducts and junctions. Amount of works 123 MEuro.


National Road S.S.63 Cerreto
Detailed design of a new by-pass (cross section 10.50 m wide) with 2 tunnels, one viaduct and 2 junctions. Amount of works 31 MEuro.


National Road S.S.77 Val di Chienti
Detailed design and security management in the design phase


Nationa Road S.S.106 Jonica - Simeri Crichi - Passovecchio, "Megalotto 6"
Preliminary design for a 40 km length of a dual carriageway motorway.