National Road S.S.117 "Centrale Sicula" (Italy) (year:2010)

North - South route, between S. Stefano di Camastra and Gela.

The scope of works is to modernise the existing National Road that links the Sicily north bound (mediterranean coast) to the south bound, next to the city of Gela (Ionian sea). In particular, the project foresees adjustment works of the segment between km. 32+000 and km. 38+700.

The total length of the project is 6700 m and its corridor is designed to be conformed to the italian standard of a "C2" road: 3,50 m per lane, 1,25 m per shoulder and a total of 9,50 m section. Moreover, the existing road does not respect the design standard, because of the smaller value of the radius of curves than warned by the current regulations; therefore, the project proposes alterative routes in different segments and it comprehends two new tunnels: "Portella San Martino", 340 m length, and "Coniglio", 988 m length. The tunnels are single tube.

"Portella San Martino" tunnel, of a total length of 340.5 m, is composed by:

"Coniglio" tunnel, of a total length of 966 m, is composed by:

The project comprehends two viaducts, "Romano" and "Malgurno", respectively 65 m and 140 m long.


Impresa Sigenco S.p.A

Amount of works:

77.518.676 Euros