Torino - Ceres Underground Line (Italy) (year:2013)

The project consists in a railway bypass connecting the urban underground network to railway line "Torino - Ceres" passing through the international airport "Torino - Caselle". The bypass will connect the city and the national railway network to the airport through a tunnel that will pass under the city of Turin along the axes of Corso Grosseto. The project is part of the four-track expansion of Turin railway hub.

The project includes the rehabilitation of the neighborhood of Corso Grosseto, the dismantling of Corso Grosseto flyover and the rehabilitation of two stations that connect the existing and new underground line. This project is considered one of the most important development of the infrastructural network lined up from the regional authorities of Piemonte (Italy).

The detailed design phase comprises a specific study on the effect of the excavation, in particular on the structural deformation of the buildings. The study consists in data collection, assessment of the dispacement induced from excavation, assessment of the damages on the ground level and identification of those buildings that will overcome the structural deformation threshold to plan a specific intervention to monitor and reduce the displacement induced from excavation.