Brenner Base Tunnel for railways high speed line Verona-Monaco and Isarco River Underpass (year:2014)

The Brenner Base Tunnel is a railway line running through the Alps; a railway line for the future. The Brenner Base Tunnel is the main element of the new Brenner railway from Munich to Verona. Of a 64 km length, it is the longest underground railway connection in the world, a pioneering work of engineering and it will markedly improve passenger travel and freight transport through the heart of Europe.

The "Isarco River Underpass" section is the southern segment of the Brenner Base Tunnel, before entering in the railway station at Fortezza. It is situated approximately one kilometer North from Fortezza, Pra di Sopra, Bolzano (Italy).

The section includes civil works to the two main tunnels for a total length of roughly 4.3 km, as well as two interconnecting tunnels for a total length of 2.3 km, which are connected to the existing railway line. The construction phase is extremely complex according to technical aspects: both the main tunnels and the interconnecting tunnels pass under the Isarco River, the A22 motorway, the SS12 motorway and the Verona-Brenner railway line, with a minimal low coverage.